Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Color Me RED: World AIDS Day

December 1 may seem like another day to some but today is important to our global community because it's World AIDS Day. Many non-profits work hard daily to educate their communities about how to combate this HIV/AIDS and yet it still remains to be the “silent” killer amongst the global community especially young 20somethings. We have to hold ourselves and others more accountable for our actions but most importantly we need to help others who are suffering from this disease. Don’t ever take your life granted! We may have our day-to-day gripes about life and “whoa is me” hooplah but ALWAYS be grateful for life. No matter what the situation is, ALWAYS choose life! Choose to live but most importantly make a decision to step up and help others. Tis’ the season to give, so make the commitment to support World AIDS day. Remember are HIV/AIDS are REAL and it can happen to anyone!

One notable campaign that's got the celebrity world buzzing the Keep a Child Alive (KCA) deadly campaign. KCA was founded by Grammy R&B Artist, Alicia Keys’ and she has asked people like Lady Gaga’s, Justin Timberlake and Kim Kardashian to ALL “digitally” die but with good reason (no pun intended)! Read about how you can “buy their life” back through Monetary donations will benefit the children of Africa and India who suffer from AIDS. I wonder who else is digtially died today?

And since this is the The Lipstick Memoir! I have to highlight MAC make up's Viva La Glam campagin which partners with high-profile celebrities to create customized lipsticks that are sold to raise money for fighting against HIV/AIDS. Check out Viva La Glam's current ambassadors, Cyndi Lauper and Lady Gaga's lipstick collection here!

There are so many non-profits who fight against HIV/AIDS everyday so get involved today!