Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday TRAVELING with the enemy? Germs that is!

Anyone that knows me personally knows I am an avid traveler. I love to see new places and just go on random adventures but after reading this article on I’m reconsidering my “frequent flyer” status (:SIDENOTE: I’m a CNN fanatic!). Anyhoo, I found this article today entitled “6 Places Germs Breed in a Plane” by Douglas Wright of Budget Travel AHHHHHHH…and it grossed me out! I am a HUGE germ-o-phobe (like I carry two bottles of hand sanitizers!) and after reading I will begin to carry Lysol wipes as well (maybe a Lysol container of wipes will be better?).

Sadly, this article didn’t shock me about some places on the plane but when I read that “some people use the tray table as a DIAPER table to change their kid’s dirty britches” I not only became disgusted but I am utterly disturbed by the health quality of the plane. Did you know that some airplane meals that are made from widely known airplane caterers have found roaches crawling around the kitchen? AHHHHH… Who knows what has crawled and died in your meal? (okay, okay, I digress)

Here are the top six places on a plane germs maybe crawling on you (in no particular order):

1) THE WATER (bottled water is SAFE )




5) THE AIRPLANE PILLOW & BLANKETS (this didn’t shock me, that’s why I NEVER ask for them)

6) THE AIRPLANE LAVATORY (ewwww but i'm not surprised)

Flying will never be the same again (heavy sigh).


  1. ok about everything else...but the food? ok what can somebody do about that....personally...if i'm hungry i eat! :P
    oh well....i say keep thinking positive and travelling!

  2. OOOMMMMGGG I always ask for those nasty blankets! And sometimes if I can't get comfortable I try to lay my head on the tray table!!!! I'm not a HUGE germaphobe but I do try to be careful. Ugh never again!

    I love the Eucerin Skincare package I won by the way!

  3. Yeah germs are unavoidable but I think they could put better prevention methods in place...just saying :)

    Thanks for the comments dolls xo!