Monday, December 27, 2010

RIP: Teena "Lady T" Marie

I can't believe we lost another music legend, Teena Marie! I'm not here to blog about sadness but can't help but be shocked about her sudden death. She was an amazing artist and she has made a strong contribution to music history. She was born with a distinct soulful voice and her music continues to move the hearts of any musical lover at any age. I maybe 20something but I know ALOT about music (thanks to my parents *big smile*) and I am so glad they were huge fans of Teena Marie so it made it easy for me to absorb lyrics to "Square Biz," "Out on the Limb," "Lovergirl" or "Portuguese Love." I could go on and on about how magnificient she was as an artist but I think you guys just have to hear for yourself how wonderful she truly is! Teena Marie, you will truly be missed, your one-of-kind doll....

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