Wednesday, December 8, 2010

White shoes should be banned…period!

I can’t take it! It makes me want to scream when I see a female wearing white pumps or boots out in public. Seriously? Like why would anyone want to wear white shoes for casual enjoyment? It’s bad enough some women choose to make a major fashion faux pas by wearing white AFTER Labor Day but white shoes are the MOST fuugliest (clearly that is not a real word, blame "Mean Girls" the movie) items on the planet Earth..PERIOD. But let me be clear! There are some exceptions to white shoes and trust, these are very appropriate exceptions: A) White shoes are okay if you are wearing them for formal ceremonial purpose (i.e. wedding), or B) White sneakers are okay and white shoes are okay to wear if your job requires it (i.e. doctor’s or military personnel), or C) It’s Labor Day or some all-white party theme, white pumps ARE acceptable for that limited time only D) If they are top notch designer shoes (i.e. YSL, Christian "Red Bottoms" Louboutins etc.) AND MUST BE WORN APPROPRIATELY. THAT’S IT! So if you are wearing white shoes for your OWN casual pleasure (big frown) then you are a serious fashion violator and you need to have your shoes revoked immediately! On top of that, you should seek a second opinion before you decide to pair white pumps with an all-red suit (ahhh…what are you? A peppermint)! If you know anyone suffering from white pumps/boot syndrome, RUN!!!...ok I’m done now (big smile!)


  1. I sell shoes....and just white shoes on sale. Wow. Totally agree with you!

  2. Thanks Sinead! Lol Since you sell shoes, do you usually see alot of people buy them? (Just curious)