Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grocery Shopping Annoys My Life

I know this rant may sound pretty outlandish to some of you out there but I can't help but rant about how grocery shopping annoys my life. I LOVE food (any cultural food, just about, still need to try more) and I know I can't live without it but when it comes to shopping for it, I get aggravated. I don't have patience for grocery shopping...period. I have tried the "grocery list" method even "the grab and go" (shopping for only what I need at that time) and still I can't wait to end this treacherous task before it starts. I honestly don't know where these emotions come from other than grocery shopping has never been just "a walk down the aisles" for me. Shoe shopping is fun, clothes shopping is EVEN MORE fun but grocery shopping...*blank stare.* So how to remedy this situation? I have decided that I will not allow the grocery store to run me out, instead, I have decided to confront my feelings about grocery shopping. The other day I went to the grocery store to buy food and I did pretty okay (I still felt like a maniac for flying up and down aisle looking for "cream"). I think if I just continue to make myself go then I will get better at it? My fingers are crossed in being liberated from my grocery shopping woes! *Kanye shrugs* How do you all grocery shop? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


  1. I loooooove grocery shopping!!!! Love it! Love it! It's relaxing and fun to me. Especially when I'm wearing comfy sweats or yoga pants. What I DO hate is...... unpacking all that stuff and putting it away. Hate it! Hate it!

  2. Grocery shopping is ok if you go to walmart early...before all the crazy people get there. I hate paying for them...they're too overpriced. And then I hate carrying and unpacking them. I guess you can say I hate grocery shopping too! lol

  3. @Nel- What relaxes you most about your shopping experience? I really need kick these moody thoughts about grocery shopping. I feel so overwhelmed when I enter the store.
    @Jet-Setting Diva- Yes!!! Food is soo overpriced! I feel like they are also cutting the sizes of cereal boxes but they expect you to pay $5.00 for a box...crazy! Yes and unpacking groceries definitely sucks ladies! #wompwomp