Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spotlight: QUE talks up his new music to STM

Looks like Aubrey O' Day, former band member of "Danity Kane" isn't the only one from the "Making the Band" franchise that is creating a buzz on these days"Que" (his government name is Qwanell Mosley), former member of "Day 26" has a new project in the works. My dearest friend Lynn (hey Lynn!) over @Socialtikmag caught up with him to find out about his new EP called "Guitar Her." Hmm...Que was always smooth on his vocal range so I'm sure "Guitar Her" will be a treat *scratching my head.* I wonder how he got the name "Guitar Her?" Anyhoo, check out more of the details of his article at Socialtikmag and don't forget to comment on Lynn's story (tell her I sent you!).




  1. wow I forgot all about him! He's not still with Dawn right?

  2. Nope but I think he still has her lips tattooed on his neck, I think that the only trace left of their relationship