Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thanx BERRY Munch:Love is BLUE-tiFUL

Omg! I had ONE of the most divine snacks of my life today at work. Have you ever had chocolate covered BLUEBERRIES? This time of year many people are running around trying to get their hands on chocolate covered strawberries for V-day but after trying one handful of these berries I fell in love (Yum-O). Today, I had the Brookside Chocolate Covered Blueberries and they were AMAZING (please check them out)!! I have never had a chocolate covered blueberry in all my life and now I have declared it to be my new "guilty" indulgence (well, I shouldn't feel guilty because blueberries and chocolate are actually good for you... SWEET!). I even read that they make chocolate covered pomegranate treats too (oooohh yeah). Anyhoo, I want you all to try it and tell me what you think? What other fruit do you all like that is covered in chocolate?
Give the gift of chocolate covered blueberries on V-day!!!

P.S. I love these berries so much that I EVEN wrote a testimony about it on Brookside's website! I hope I win their chocolate prize *fingers crossed*

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