Friday, March 11, 2011

FB Confessions: WEIRDOS Are WACK

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When I think of "RR," I am thinking about "Random Rants" of items that get underneath my SKIN. Facebook, by far is #losing with all these weirdos, creeps, and crazies (whatever you want to call them) lurking around my page! Just when I thought my profile was under lock and key from weirdos, I still CAN'T understand how these creepy guys that I DON'T EVEN KNOW find me. And the worst part is they sometimes have the audacity to write me a note asking me out (yikes). Like are you seriously expecting a reply? Seriously? (-_-) Are we even living in the same zip code, state, country? NO NO NO!! *deep sigh* The last time I checked, Facebook was not or eHarmony (and I have nothing against these sites by the way!) so what in the H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS makes you think you have a chance with me. Okay! I get it, the dating pool is shallow but I think some people are becoming completely desperate these days! SMH! I'm glad you have confidence to ask but it DEFINITELY doesn't give you brownie points for swag! SORRY! I feel bad for celebrity actress, models and socialites.....I can only imagine what type of weird stuff they see on a daily basis (gasps!). Am I wrong for feeling this way? Leave one. xo!


  1. Yeah me and my friends are still trying to figure out how people find us who have NOOO mutual friends with us! Weird

  2. Yeah it's like what's the point of using privacy settings if weirdos can still find you!!! So much for security SMH