Tuesday, March 22, 2011

For the Hopeless Romantics...

I was driving home from work today when I tuned into the Michael Baisden radio show (S/O to 96.3 WHUR) where he was discussing if 20-somethings could find love their age (or something to that effect). It was quite interesting topic and the mixed responses from listeners triggered passionate rebuttals from the public. Some felt like a person at this age doesn't know what they want in partner while some said people had this age group lacked the maturity level to commit to anything serious. There was one optimistic radio listener who said it is possible for people our age to find love AND appreciate it but it is based on how this person was raised.

Anyhoo, they all made valid points but it got me thinking about an article I ran across a month or so ago (I can't find it now :-/). In summary, the article talked about how we (20-somethings) will date someone now that probably should be the person we marry in our 30-somethings (yeah I know that's a little late but I think this article was speaking to the guys about this piece).

-If you are a 30-something and reading this post, do you believe this to be true?

-If you are a 20-something, do you believe there is someone you have dated so far that you could see yourself with for the rest of your life?

With the world being so chaotic these days, it's really got me thinking about my future and the importance of not wasting ANY MORE time and you shouldn't be either. There are so many hopeless romantics out there *raises hand* but it's very difficult to keep your head and heart above water with so many sharks in the sea (where did all the fish go?). All I am saying is...take a chance! Don't live your love life with the "shouldas, couldas, wouldas" because that's all you'll be doing. If you have a chance to make it right, then DO IT! Quit stopping yourself and your heart from receiving love from someone else, your missing out on one of the greatest "just because" gifts of your life.
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  1. Wifey, I couldn't have said this ANY better! I don't think that it's necessarily the fact that people around our age CAN'T be in serious committed relationships. I honestly think it depends on the maturity level of those 2 individuals. Life experiences also go along way with that.

    I feel like I've found the person who I'm ready to be with for the rest of my life. But he constantly allows thoughts to sabotage us, which really grinds my gears...but I DIGRESS *breathes out* lol.

    I agree with you 20000% about taking chances when it comes to love and life in general. "Shoulda, Coulda, and Wouldas" along with the "WHAT IFs" are DEFINITELY for the birds!

    LIVE...LOVE...LAUGH! But most importantly, LOVE. Someone once said, "It is better to love, then to not have loved at all"..( I really wish I knew who said this...GENIUS!)

    Love always happens unexpectedly. The fish is there. The right one just has to bite the bait...and from there on...it's history...;-)

  2. *finger snaps, jumps up and runs around in circles* I think you just gave a testimony! I completely agree with you comment love, I just wish that some people could get this through their THICK SKULL. You would think people would at least open up there hearts more since so much is going on in the world these days but it's obvious that some people are still afraid to take a chance. SMH!!! I'll never wrap my head around how this whole love thing is suppose to work but in the interim I think if more people engage in topics like this eventually this info will have sink in somewhere (hopefully it sinks into their heart not just their head).