Thursday, March 10, 2011

This is WHY I Rock the Red Pump...

Today is National Woman and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and I'm participating in the occasion with the ladies of the Red Pump Project. While my day in DC was a rather soggy one (and the rain still dances on my windowpane), I still actively tweeted and now blogged my thoughts about today's importance (picture of me in red pumps coming soon!). I truly hope you all participated in tweeting, blogging, telling a friend or loved one about today because it is so important to KNOW YOUR STATUS! For those of you that didn't know by now but AIDS ARE REAL...period. It doesn't matter how old you are or the color of your skin, it is a universal disease that can infect ANYONE. There is nothing funny about this disease and it's important that you educate and protect yourself and others from falling victim to it.

Still don't believe me? Well believe these statistics:

Did you know...In 2009, nearly a quarter of HIV infections in the U.S. were among women and girls aged 13 years or older!

Did you know...By the end of 2008, almost 184,000 women and girls were living with HIV.

Did you know...HIV is 20 times higher in African American women than in White women and four times higher in Latino women.

Did you know...The Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimates 1 in 5 people live with an HIV infection and DO NOT KNOW ABOUT IT!!! (meaning count five people around you AT LEAST ONE of you could be living with it...scary)

Are you ready to wake up now? Thought so! The awareness doesn't stop here! Do you live in ATLANTA, CHARLOTTE OR CHICAGO? Well the Red Pump Project has ambassadors in each of these cities and they are hosting super sweet events to benefit the Red Pump Project. For more information click here.

HIV/AIDS Statistics Courtesy of the

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