Sunday, March 6, 2011

Twitter UPDATE: Got the "Memo?"

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I can't believe I have been on Twitter for ALMOST two weeks and I'm an addict. It's one of the MOST entertaining contraptions in the digital world and I CAN'T believe it took me this long to join. I'm not sure why I was so anti-Twitter at first but now that I am typing this post I remember it had something to do with understanding the purpose of "Tweeting" (and things of that nature). Twitter sounded more like a playground for digital stalkers (because we are all taught not to be followers in life and yet following is required on Twitter...hmmm who is really leader?...oh the irony) and that my dolls did not amuse me ONE bit (stalkers can kick boulders!) and I allowed this judgement to get the best of me. So to make amends, here is my blog-o-pology!

Dear Twitter,

I am sorry for misjudging you! You absolutely rock my socks and @thelipstickmemo has become a new creative outlet for thoughts and an opportunity to receive pure comedy from my followers and the people I follow (especially when my day is a DRAG). Every second of your existences makes my life just tad bit more entertaining. Thank you for your unique qualities and remaining true to your creative purpose. Your the!

With love,

ELLe. xo!

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