Friday, April 15, 2011

Bizarre Dessert: Try Denny's Bacon Sundae?

BACON FOR DESSERT?!? Thought it was impossible? Well, you are in for a rude porkalicious awakening! Denny's has really out done themselves this time by producing a very interesting "sweet" the BACONALIA!! I haven't actually tried this dessert but when I first heard about it at work I couldn't believe someone thought about this recipe. Soooo which one of you braves souls are going to take a wack at this bizarre sundae?

This is how Denny's describes it:

"Bacon makes a classic ice cream sundae even more awesome. We start with maple flavored syrup, and a scoop of rich, creamy vanilla ice cream and then a generous sprinkle of our diced hickory-smoked bacon. Add another sweet layer of syrup and vanilla ice cream topped with even more bacon and a drizzle of syrup."

Would you try it? I'm not a fan of pork (and it would defeat the purpose if I told them to hold the bacon) sooooo which one of you brave readers will try it for me and let me know how it is? there*waits patiently*

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