Tuesday, April 5, 2011

If I Had a Nickel For Every Time...

I was pretty stumped today on what to blog about but I used my handy-dandy "Imagination Prompt Generator" to break me out of this writer's rut. So...I clicked a couple of times on the generator (it gives you random topics) and I landed on this one. If I Had a Nickel For Every Time I saw a BAD weave/extensions, I would be a millionare right now (and yes! I am going there today)! I don't understand why women and even some guys choose to make the entire society suffer with a bad weave. It's just NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!! In fact, it is down right DISRESPECTFUL to prance around town KNOWING your weave is FUGLY!!! I mean seriously!

You know you see the tracks, you know you need to brush it (wash it, treat it, dye it etc. YOU KNOW!!!) and let's just be honest, you know the texture of your natural hair DOES NOT (in no shape, form or fashion) BLEND WITH YOUR WEAVE (this includes non-colored treated weave offenders). I really just can't take it anymore and it really aggravates me to see non-colored natural/helmet/mullet/bird's nest hair. Where are people's REAL friends these days? Sheesh... Please tell your friend! We all have an obligation to this Earth and humankind to end the pollution of bad weaves/extensions our sanity depends on it...

So your probably wondering what else prompted this topic, well, it's started to get warmer outside and that's when you usually see the most redic weaves of your life. It's also the time of year where weaves/extension GO in and REMAIN in till the END OF TIME...argh!


  1. Haha, too funny! Pardon my French but I will never understand these h**s. What's the point in wearing a weave if it looks worse than your real hair??

  2. This is so true!!! It's like WTF why do embarass yourself continously? What's the point? And I just feel like some people's friends are just overrated because if they knew better they would DO better in letting their homegirls know they look a hot mess smh!