Monday, April 4, 2011

It's APRIL! + Earth Day Love From Jay-Z

So why does it feel like the year is almost over? Crazy! Spring has been "the pitts" for my allergies AGAIN!?! Argh! AND it's been an annoying time of year because the bicyclists are BACK ahhh! Don't get me wrong! I'm all for lowering the carbon footprint *hugs a tree* BUT what I'm not a fan of is when bicyclists dominate the road like they are a car or something (go find a bike trail thanks, that's what they were made for) Anyhoo, I'm excited for warmer weather AND I'm excited for EARTH DAY (April 22). Although Earth Day is celebrated just for a day, I'm celebrating it the whole month with some trendy green news!!! To kick it off my month long celebration of the Earth, I decided to use the Jigga man himself. Yup! Rapper, Jay-Z has a little "green thumb" believe it or not (well not literally but figuratively). Check out the clip below which aired on MTV's 2006, Diary of Jay-Z Water for Life where Jay-Z explored the scarcities of clean water and poor sanitation in certain countries. Can you imagine waking up and not having clean water to drink, to cook, and to bathe? Can you imagine your life without a toilet? It may sound like simple items to you but to some people these things are a dream....Think about it!

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