Sunday, April 17, 2011

IT'S SPRING!! What's With The X-mas Lights???

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I don't know about you guys BUT it really really really grinds my gears when I see X-mas lights STILL up in April? WTH? Why can't people just accept that the holiday season is over and take down their freaking lights. It's so tacky and down right lazy to assume that it is acceptable to still have lights on the outside of your house.

The worst part is your... still lighting up these lights EVERY night on your house? Why??? And wait...are you still using a timer too in case YOU don't physically turn them on yourself (just shoot me already sheesh). Santa and his reindeer are not making any extra special stops in Spring/Summer or Fall for your tacky lights!!! (sorry...this is just a fact) You are NOT being a cool kid (this does not make your home by any means look more appealing) in the neighborhood, you look like complete idiot actually...smdh. Do you guys see x-mas lights around your neighborhood still?

Earth Day Tip! Make sure your dishwasher has an actual full load before you run it! Cut out pre-washes/ water and lower your water bill by doing this routine :)


  1. I am literally ROTFL at this! I can hear your voice while reading this! It is quite sad that it's about to be MAY and lights aren't down. If you're gonna have Christmas stuff still up, at least make sure that it's INSIDE your house and not PUBLICALLY SEEN! Geesh!

  2. least someone feels me...I mean come really irks my spirit when I see crap like this sheesh...And YES!!! If they are going to have directions all year round, then keep that ish inside...nobody cares to see it...haha