Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Something BLUE: Royal Sweet Tooth Is Served!

Who doesn't love Ring Pops? They were a favorite sugary treat from me especially for many other girls around the world in our childhood days. It was the only large "rock" that we could all afford on our own (no bended knee or significant other required for purchase) and we would all gloat about who had better taste (or in this best taste in a flavored ring). As many of you know, it's ROYAL WEDDING COUNTDOWN WEEK for Prince William and Kate Middleton over there "across the pond" (London that is!) and The Lipstick Memoir is celebrating this grand occasion too! It's not everyday you get to see a real "royal" wedding you know!

To kick off the week, I ran into something rather sweet... The Royal Ring Pop which of course was designed to honor the wedding ceremonies of the week. What do you think?

Bazooka Joe Candy Brands thought up this limited edition Ring Pop to mimic Kate's engagement ring (which was once Princess Diana's ring). And yes! This Ring Pop is tricked out in Swaroviski crystals... clearly this ring is too pretty to eat! Wondering how much it's worth? $50.00 a pop (and this doesn't nearly touch the cost of the real sexy sapphire engagement ring)! Bazooka Joe Candy Brands is giving away 10 of these rings in their contest this week! Check out contest details HERE ,it ends April 29th... so hurry!

Picture Courtesy of Celebuzz.com

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