Thursday, April 21, 2011

Stop Talking TRASH. Start Talking GREEN.

Today marks the eve of Earth Day and so many exciting things are going on! So how are you celebrating? Well if you haven't got anything on your "green" agenda, make sure you do something to celebrate the Earth :) The Earth has been kind to you since the day you were born so why not reciprocate the same gesture! Make a pledge today! The Earth Day Network has an amazing campaign going on called "A Billion Acts of Green" and they need your help! Go to their website HERE and make a pledge to do something better for the Earth. It's not just for Earth Day but the campaign will go on into next year and they are trying to make their goal of a billion acts of green (seems like a lot of work right? WRONG!). Help them meet their goal...every little bit counts! So what are you waiting for! Pledge your act of green now...

P.S. Celebrate Earth Day with Starbucks! They are giving away FREE coffee or tea (hot, iced, or brewed) TOMORROW!! Bring your own cup to Starbucks (remember we are trying to be eco-friendly) if you want your free cup of joe!

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