Sunday, May 29, 2011

Do you believe in love at first sight?

*Scratches head* It's a difficult question to anwer but it is something to think about these days *Kanye shrugs.* For me, I'm going to say "no" because I believe that in order to truly love a person, you have to know them first and that takes time. When I think about this question, I don't know ANYONE that has actually told me they "believe in love at first sight" nor have experienced "love at first sight" themselves. Plainly put...there are too many weirdos lurking around here to even know who is actually being serious about love and who is actually just being "crazy in love" (and I'm not talking Beyonce...I'm talking psychos)!
As a member of the the 20-something nation, most of us really don't know even know what the hell we want in life, let alone when it comes to love. We barely even know what we want to be when we grow up so how can it be possible to believe that love at first sight even exist? The thought of it is more ficticious then fact! I DO belive there is "lust at first sight" or "jump your bones" at first sight (haha...I'm just being honest!). Is there anyone out there in the world that believes in love at first sight? Like seriously...I mean you literally look at the person and just know in every fiber of your being that this is the person you are suppose to love?

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