Thursday, May 26, 2011

RR:It's Easy Just Flush PEOPLE!!!!

I don't know what is worse...people not washing their hands after using the bathroom OR not flushing afterwards??? To me, they are both equally a nuisance and GROSS and when I see violators in PUBLIC who don't complete these tasks...I want to hurl on them (betcha you'll want to be clean now huh?). I am all for water conservation but come one people, it's the bathroom. Flushing the toilet after a #2 is saving lives! Seriously! When you don't flush, you are allowing contamination to fester (ewwww) and let's not forget odor (pewww!). I know we have all seen and experienced this abuse (and I'm sure some violators will be reading this get it together! Thanks, Management) in a restroom at a public place and I'm convinced that some people just want to DIE from a disease or infection. It really peeves me when I see that someone has dropped off their "kids at the pool" and thinks it is perfectly acceptable to abandon the toilet....WRONG!!! You are gross and you should be banned from doing #2's in public. Ugggghhh!!

Picture Courtesy of watercommunity

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