Tuesday, May 17, 2011

WANTED: Chivalry...Dead or Alive?

Every girl wants it but not everybody finds it! I think chivalry is one of the most talked about subject amongst women and it seems there are many impersonators out there and it's rare if it is true. Chivalry is it dead or alive?...because it's obvious no one seems to know its whereabouts these days. I have witnessed even experienced for myself knock-off chivalry and it just doesn't cut it like the real thing. You know the feeling where he opens every door, pulls out every one of your seats, knows when to hold you close to cuddle and then leave you alone when it's just "one of those days." Chivalry is simple...show love!!! It's the little things in life that guys do for their lady that means the most to us girls.

It's not always a gift, money, shopping (well...lol) etc. that will buy you cool points, it's about knowing that you care and are attentive of our needs that makes us feel we are special. Dudes, I'm not saying you have to love her (but if you do that's awesome) but at least let her know you appreciate her, respect her and care for her through your actions. There are too many broken hearts out here and it's about time that we revive some love around here. And guys! I know it is hard these days to find a true woman who isn't just after you for what you have or what you can do. I know deep down inside some of you wish you were more appreciated as well so why don't we all just get along. So what do you think? Is Chivalry dead or alive? Why?

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