Thursday, May 19, 2011

Whose on bended knee anyway?

Quick!...Can a girl propose to guy? I mean seriously, is it deemed an "official" proposal if a girl gets on bended knee first before her beau even attempts? It seems like these days girls (or women rather) aren't waiting any more on the man to make a serious commitment move and I think it's pretty ballsy but I respect it. S/N: Check out my dearest friend Mel's blog "The Lover's Express" to read about "I want a man that..."

Okay back to the blog now lol..I'm not sure what is going on in the love circuit today but I feel like the dynamics of a relationship are definitely changing. Women these days are not as submissive as they use to fact, more woman are independent, strong, outspoken and point blank tough! They aren't taking any mess and now they are also willing to take control (if they need to). So what's up with that guys?

It's like men and women have traded places in a sense. When it comes to marriage, women aren't afraid of committing but for some reasons guys are still allergic to the words "I do." In case you guys and dolls didn't know the DATING POOL IS SHALLOW (it's like a love drought out here). I REPEAT...THE DATING POOL IS SHALLOW MEN!! So why are you afraid? There ain't much out there so if you have someone special don't take them for granted because they might just find a better guy that will get down on bended knee (or they might just do it their selves).

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