Friday, June 10, 2011

CHEATERS Report: Are you cyber-sexting?

It all started with a text or maybe it was an email, nope, it started with a chat room...the point started with some type of TEXT! I read an interesting article the other day about "cyber-sexting" which basically is defined as using some sort of online (even on your phone!) communication to exchange intimate or sexual thoughts with someone. The article (which I can't remember right now but Google it you'll find info on this topic) started to discuss how cyber-sexting is tearing relationships apart or is it? You see people that were in committed relationships assumed their partner was being faithful to them until they found an text, email, chat session etc. with someone online. It's like their significant other started an entire online intimate/sexual relationship with someone they didn't even know but it was solely online, no PHYSICAL contact.

Apparently, this is an ongoing problem in the dating world because some people find cyber-sexting cheating (even thought there was NO PHYSICAL contact). I know if I found out my significant other cyber-sexting, I would consider him a CLASS 1 CHEATER (that's it!). Even thought there wasn't any physical contact, one can never be too sure that a cyber-relationship would EVER end and honestly it just boils down to trust. Why would you want to talk to a random stranger all the time online? Like are you bored with your relationship? Do you need 24-7 attention like a child? I'm just saying! So what are your thoughts? I know there is someone out there doesn't agree with this...I want to here your thoughts!

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