Monday, June 27, 2011

Have you ever heard of FRIED KOOL-AID?

Believe it or not? There is such thing as fried cherry flavored Kool-Aid and you can find it at the San Diego County Fair! It was one of the MOST bizarre things I read in the newspaper the other day so me being the blogger I am, I had to learn more about this Kool-Aid. The creation all started from a guy named Charlie Boghosian, owner of "Chicken Charlie's" who has clearly an obsession with frying just about anything edible. I checked out his website (which is pretty darn cool) to read the menu of all the things he deep fries and it sounds like a tasty adventure. He fries Snickers bars, Girl Scout cookies, Klondike bars (seriously! the man is a fried genius), OREOS, Twinkies and a whole lot more. So if you in the California area (San Diego readers especially), stop by his truck and experience the fun! He will be at the San Diego Country fair till July 4!!! I really wish I lived in California just to try his fried concoctions, it would definitely be a fun fun fun experience:)

Photo Courtesy of Chicken Charlies, "Fried Kool-Aid"

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