Wednesday, June 22, 2011

KILLIN ME SOFTLY:Turtlenecks in the summertime

I've accepted many moons ago, well a few minutes ago that I really need to stop getting bent out of shape over things that I don't have ANY control over. I can let go of many things (I really can) but what I can't let go is seeing people walk around in a turtlenecks in 90 degrees weather?!? WTF? I'm really just not understanding what I have seen on the streets and so many times I want to trick my mind into believe it's all a lie but it's truth. People, people, people really disturbs my spirit when I see crazy things like this because I'm just not sure if they got the "memo" about it being hot outside. AND what really kills me is when they act like they are as cool as a fan in this top when we all know what lies beneath is a sweaty hot mess ewww!

Why are you trying to cook yourself in this heat? Like are you trying to catch a heat stroke? I just don't understand!!! I really wish I had photos to show you guys but I usually see these offenses while I'm driving and I'm never ready to take a pic smh (and it's against the law to be on the phone when driving). I've seen it all...hoodies in 100 degree heat yesterday I saw a girl walking in a flannel pajama set across the street in 85 degree weather. Make it stop!!! Please!!! The fact that I'm even blogging about this topic is giving me a fever sheesh...I'm going to stop now *sips on a glass of lemonade*

P.S. It's only the SECOND day of summer and I saw these offenses BEFORE the official day of summer. What is going on in the world today? Help!

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