Monday, June 6, 2011

Part II: Summer Bucket List

17) Get my palm/tarot read

18) Go to a spa

19) Bake a cake from scratch

20) A new piercing (hmm!)

21) Make chicken noodle from scratch

22) Get a Henna tattoo

23) Go on a paddle boat ride

24) Take a pole dancing or salsa class

25) Try a some bizarre food (like what the Andrew Zimmerman eats on the Travel Channel...eek!)

26) Go to a wine tasting

27) Try a speed dating activity

28) Find a guest blogger!

29) Find a pen pal or blogger pen pal :)

30) Go to a dinner theatre

31) Write a fall/winter bucket list

32) Try a gel manicure

33) Attend a baseball game

34) Go to a batting cage

35) Go putt putt golfing


  1. I like your summer bucket list! I think I will create one for myself. This should be fun :)

  2. Yay! Thanks! Let me know when you post yours so I can see what you plan to do...good luck and cheers!!!