Thursday, June 2, 2011

"Simpson Sisters" teaming up in fashion???

According to the Ministry of Gossip (via, Jessica Simpson and Ashlee Simpson maybe pulling together their creative juices to launch something fab for teen girls-a clothing collection! That's right! Ever since Jessica Simpson hit the shoe fashion scene (love her shoes...I own several!), she has high heeled her way to well respected brand and her company happens to be on the brink of being worth $1 billion dollars! So who says Oprah is the only one with the golden touch these days? And Jessica is not stopping at shoes, she and her sister plan on taking over clothes as well! I am rather interested to see how Jessica and Ashlee pull this collection off. I can definitely see Jessica designing the more "girl next-door" clothes and Ashlee designing more of an "edgy tom boy chic" clothes but it's a collection so that means it has to make sense together. This could be a bit tricky but their sisters so I know they will make it work! Good luck gals!

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