Sunday, July 17, 2011

Do your keys have PERSONALITY?

Have you ever noticed what key chains you have attached to your keys? Did you ever think your keys could actually describe the type of person you are...well...I believe they do say a little something a person. It may sound outlandish but if you are going on your first date with someone, their keys could spark a conversation. You know we have all been there before...when you have that awkward silence that happens when it seems you (or the other person) have run out of things to talk about. So check out their keys for clues on their personality. So take here is my key chain decoder of what I think a key chain can tell you about a person:

1) Key chains from different cities/countries: It says this person likes to traveler, outgoing, adventurous.

2) Miniature Hand Sanitizer: It says this person believes in cleanliness, germ-0-phobic, or neat freak (they probably have good hygiene habits which is a plus).

3) Key chains with a bottle cap remover: It says this person likes to have a good time. They are probably enjoy being sociable and going out on the town.

4) Keys with a lanyard that list a school name, Greek organization etc.: It says that this person proud of being affiliated with these groups. It also shows this person is loyal, dedicated and ambitious in achieving their goals in life.

5) Flashlight: It says this person is handy. You never know when you need a flashlight. Like a flashlight, they probably don't like to be in the dark about things in their personal life so always best to shine the light of truth when dealing with this person.

6) Miniature grocery cards, gas cards, credit card: This person doesn't mind spending money especially if the they can get discounts for store membership. Hopefully this person knows how to manage their money instead of blowing it frivolously.

7) Gym membership: This person is health conscious and takes pride in their physical appearance. With fitness, it requires great discipline and focus which are important traits to have in everyday life.

8) Pictures of friends/family member(s): This person has a big heart for important people in their life. They have a loving spirit and they care a lot about their support system.

9) Dirty/Obscene keychains: This person has a sense of humor. While most of these key chains aren't meant to be taken literally, eventually these key chains get old in toting around. This person could lack maturity at times which can be quite annoying when trying to have serious conversations.

What key chain on your keys best describes you?


  1. these are some very good points!! i never thought about some of these things and i do see some pretty interesting key chains all the time!

  2. Cool blog. :). Looking forward to chatting with you at lunch.

    Trevor H.