Tuesday, July 26, 2011

PSA: MAN drought/loser flood coming to a city near you

I recently was on one of my blogger networks when I ran across a very interesting topic..."Man Drought or Loser Flood" (check out Dawn Dash's blog...her topic inspired me to give my two cents on this!). It appears women are at a state of emergency when it comes to dating especially when it comes to the selection in men. Now before any male reads this blog post further...I am not feminist nor a man "hater" or Buffy the man slayer (lol), I just have bold opinions and I think the topic holds great relevance to discuss because it is a common issue amongst female friends of mine sooo let's go! First and foremost, it is no secret that the dating pool is pretty much trash. Let's be real people! I hear it all the time 'there is nothing out there" or 'it's hard to find a good person to date or take seriously" so it all just makes sense that there is something wrong. It's actually a known fact that many major cities like DC and Atlanta (I've lived in both places) suffer from a HUGE man drought and in some cases a "loser" flood but why?

Where are all the men? Once you remove the married ones, committed relationship people, "the down lows," LGBT's, incarcerated, bachelors for life etc. you are left with a very small pool of opportunities. So is quantity the major problem (a.k.a. man drought) or is is the quality (a.k.a loser flood) the issue? I honestly think it is a balance of both. I believe there is someone for everyone in this world but finding that person (or better yet that person finding you) is really like trying to find a needle in a hay stack. Additionally, there are many people who have decided to "settle" with the person they have (or their situation) instead of really trying to make it right with the RIGHT person. It most certainly has made it difficult for single girls like me to take anyone seriously (I have been on one too many HELL DATES...yikes) so then you just sort of give up. So fellas, where are you? What are your thoughts about this man drought/loser flood? I know some of you fellas feel the same way about finding a good woman these days...I know that is hard too. Ladies, are you experiencing a man drought/loser drought where you are? How are you trying to overcome it? Guess it's not raining men after all *shrugs*


  1. yea it is def NOT raining men! LoL trying to find a good guy that is not taken or gay is almost impossible. I am still on my journey to trying to find a guy and maybe my problem is i am not willing to settle. i want someone who is right for me!

  2. Agreed. Why should you have to settle? He may not be in your city but he is out there! Have you thought about online dating? I'm leery about it myself but some people have seen results, there is hope I guess