Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Memo To: STALKERS!!!

I really and I mean REALLY can't stand dudes who are sooo annoying (and guys I'm sure you can relate too with crazy girls)! I will never understand in my twenty-something years of living why people think that being OVERLY persistent will get them cool points in getting a girl/guy to notice them. I can't speak for everyone (because some people actually like someone to constantly talk to them 24/7) but I know I can't STAND IT especially when I have made it known to you that I'm NOT INTERESTED. I don't know what's more disrespectful: you not listening or paying attention to signs that I'm not interested OR you still contacting me ALL DAY, ALL NIGHT 24/'s just weird and crazy! If you act like this then you will not hear another peep for me...believe that! It's really hard for me to hold my tongue but I'm trying this new thing called "trying to be a better person" but the level of irate is hard to sometime I have to be extreme in making my point known.

Soooo...yesterday I blocked my first number! I never had to do this before because usually "he" would just get it that I'm not interested but this one just didn't even have a Blue's Clue to even notice! Shame! This is why I don't give out my number because I usually end up with a crazy every now and just my luck it happened...again! I was straight up with this dude and then he became crazy. Texting all the time, calling, talking to my vmail just seemed like he was obsessed and that's not okay! Take the the hint...I'm just not that into you and it's's not the end of the world if one person isn't interested in you, there are tons of other go that way. Thanks!

P.S. In case you DON'T know if you are showing stalker tendencies, let me share some symptoms:

1) This person has already expressed a disinterest in you or dating you BUT you still bring it up AND still try to make it happen. Dead wrong!

2) You call, text, tweet, email or leave vmails at all hours of the day! Texts are usually short because you expect them to contact you back quickly (i.e."Hey," "What's up," "Good morning"). You may do a phone call and a text or tweet then a text and call...multiple times...yeah crazy!

3) You probably think about this person all the time (like fantasizing/daydreaming...ewww) AND so it encourages you to contact them (#2 above). You might even look at their Facebook, Myspace or even Twitter avi all day just so you can look at them all day! *barf*

4) You believe in your mind that you are being "persistence" and you don't see that you are actually being "obsessed." If your friends are encouraging this then they may not be your friends...they actually might be stalkers too! Birds of a feather...shame!

5) You lose sleep or loss of time which effects your overall productivity of YOUR day but it doesn't bother you because you feel like it's something you HAVE to do and you believe in your mind that the person would actually like to HEAR from you. This is an automatic fail to win anyone over!

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