Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ATTN Shoppers: Mr./Mrs. Right might be in aisle....

grocery store goddess

The age old saying goes, "the way to a man's heart is through is stomach" but who knew there is some valid truth to this adage. Ladies and Gents, the next time you hit the grocery store, make sure you look tasteful (pun intended) because your Mr./Mrs. Right might just be standing in aisle three! It's funny because I just finished a book the other day and the scene discussed how this woman ran into the grocery store looking for a last minute date to accompany her to her ex's function.

This scene triggered my thoughts and reminded me of an article I saw awhile back in the newspaper about grocery stores being a popular pick up spot. I guess when you think about it, a great deal of time can be wrapped around grocery shopping (by the way I HATE grocery shopping) so why not make the most of your experience. It may sound a little crazy maybe even a litter absurd to check out the next girl/dude by the frozen foods but it's worth a shot. Of course, location and timing is key in selecting the right grocery store to have a good selection of attractive SINGLE people (leave married people alone!) to mingle with as well.

If you are going to approach someone at the grocery store make sure you keep these rules in mind:

1) Please do NOT follow them, pop up on them or run them down with the shopping cart to get their attention. Your first impression is everything and your don't want to seem like a grocery store stalker or weirdo. Be polite, smile and if they show interest then proceed.

2) It's the grocery store NOT a date so don't give them the 21 questions when you first meet them. Just like you, they are in there for one! So don't keep them too long from getting off tasks with your third degree otherwise they will plead the fifth and keep rolling.

3) Do NOT (for the love of all things holy and sacred) ask management to make an announcement over the loud speakers to get this person's attention. There is nothing romantic, creative or even remotely cute about announcing "will the woman in the red shirt and tight jeans, please report to customer service to give this man your phone number"- it's embarrassing and you will look desperate and crazy!

4) This brings me to point four... you should NOT (and I repeat SHOULD NOT) wait in the parking lot of the grocery store to meet this person! If you didn't snag their attention inside the store or they blew you off because they weren't interested, then cut your losses (it's not that serious); otherwise, the local authorities will relay the message to you in a nice pair of shiny cuffs! The only name you'll be introduced to is"Miranda Rights."

5) "No" means exactly how it is spelled "No!" So don't take it personal if someone really isn't turned on by your charm near the bananas. When your too pushy, you look like you can't handle rejection and you are far too grown to act like a toddler in the grocery store! Let it go.....

Have you or do you know someone that has met someone in the grocery store? Good luck shopping!

Photo Courtesy of ma vie en rouge

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