Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are you a victim of Single City Syndrome?


Did you ever think where you live, work and play could actually be working against your love life? It's human nature to want companionship but it's worse when you want it but it isn't available to you. It's no secret that there is an EXTREME male to female shortage these days and the quality of both sexes are even more scarce (yikes!). So what to do? Do you risk your career, your stability to move to a different city to find "maybe" the love of your life? Or do you stay where you are and continue to complain about not having a dating life? It's a difficult decision (definitely a BIG risk) but I think it all just boils down to what you are willing to do to have love in your life. You can definitely pick either course because at the end of the day, it's your life or you can make a more sensible decision to really think about how you can join the two in your life. As we have all heard, "money doesn't buy happiness" and if love is something you want in your life, then you should be willing to make some sacrifices to get it (Please DO NOT quit your day job). There are mediums to help alleviate this issue such as:

1) Use your paid vacation time!- Completely remove yourself from anything familiar to you and take an exciting voyage to a new place. It's a great opportunity to see new places but it's also a temporary time to live like a resident in your vacation spot, so get out there and mix and mingle. Who knows you might find your new love on your next vacay!

2) Cyber-date!- While I'm not a big fan of online dating (I have my reasons), it doesn't mean you shouldn't give it a whirl. I guess that's why online dating is popular to some because instead of the expense of moving to a new city to find love, you pay for the convenience at your fingertips to go online to date. There is nothing wrong with trying a "safe" form of dating online. It's definitely convenient but the integrity of it can be a little wishy-washy if you are dating someone that you never met or seen. So be careful and be HONEST!

3) Your network determines, your love life too!- Utilize these opportunities to mix and mingle with like-minded individuals professionally and socially. Whether it's an organization event, conference or even a mixer in your city, don't stop yourself short of going to meet the "who's who" of your connections. When you look your best, you feel your best and someone might just get a whiff of your pheromones when your discussing your professional portfolio! Just remember to keep business contacts separate from play dates! Don't be shy.

Hope this helps!

Photo Courtesy of Flickr.com/By Kjersti Andreassen

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