Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Drake says "[We're] Doing it Wrong"

Broken Heart

"We live in a generation of, not being in love and not being together, but we sure make it feel like we're together, cause we're scared to see each other with somebody else..." -Drake "Take Care"

There is something about this line in Drake's latest album "Take Care" that speaks volumes about how young people today look at love. Naturally, people want love, to be in love and love being in "love" but yet it seems like no one ever comes out winning in the grand scheme of things. Everyone wants love but no one REALLY wants to put the work in to get it, no one is willing to make the sacrifice for it, no one is ever ready to experience the joy AND the pain that comes with love. It's not smoke and mirrors people...love is WORK. It's earned...it can't be taken for granted and furthermore it's not something you just "do" because everyone else is doing it.

It's selfless, sacred, rare (looked at the divorce rate much?), pure and when YOU KNOW IT'S REAL some say it's a "indescribable feeling." So why is it we want it but we are scared to make the commitment to it? It just doesn't make sense. When "true" love is staring at you in the face, you do everything in power to repel it (i.e. cheating, lying, cheating, manipulative, conniving). If this is the future of love for our generation then we are sooo doomed. We can only reverse this curse by making a decision today that we will no longer play with the hearts of others for our own benefit. It's not a game! There are far too many broken hearts roaming the Earth, we don't need to add anymore! Let's get back to loving, let's get back to romancing, let's get back the simple things, let's get back to honesty, let's get back to trusting, let's get back to L O V E...

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