Friday, November 25, 2011

Why I HATE Black Friday!

sale I'm never excited about the day after Thanksgiving which is better known as "Black Friday" because people go absolutely crazy! And let me remind you guys, I don't DO crazy, therefore, this day will NEVER EVER appeal to me. I just don't get it! Why is it one day out of the year people go crazy in public all for a sale. And furthermore, what makes people so excited to camp out the night before, wait in long lines and potentially risk their lives for the latest and greatest gadget/toys for the holiday season...I JUST DON'T GET IT!!!! You always hear about people getting killed or trampled to death, ran over by shopping carts, tazered (yeah I heard about this today), pepper sprayed (happened this year too), fighting (this happens EVERY year) over some of the most meaningless things. It's not worth it! It really is disgusting that people even carry on this way in public especially for a "sale" or "deal." Why can't people act civilized when they go shopping any other time out of the year? So what if this ONE day offers the lowest deals on items, it's not like another sale isn't ever going to happen in the world sheesh! I'm over it...

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