Monday, December 12, 2011

Bizarre holiday traditions anyone?

Do you have any bizarre holiday traditions? I was just sitting here thinking about the holidays and how I KNOW there has got to be something outlandish going around this time of year. So I "Googled" it and I discovered there are some pretty interesting traditions that go on around different parts of the world during this season. I found this article on called "Top 10 Bizarre Christmas Traditions" and I must say this list was pretty entertaining. While most Americans find this time of year to be full of love and laughter with family and friends, other parts of the world look at the holiday season as superstitious, a time for dead spirits, or even evil (yikes!). Who knew?

For example, apparently in Czech, women who are single throw one of their shoes behind their backs with their backs to their door. Depending how the shoe lands (the heel faces the door) it means you'll get married within a year! Or in Norway, apparently, people hide their brooms on Christmas Eve for the fear that evil/witches will come for them. According to a Travel + Leisure article called, "World's Strangest Holiday Traditions" people in Japan celebrate Christmas with the THE COLONEL...KFC that is! A nice bucket of chicken rounds out their x-mas dinner! In Ukraine, they cover their Christmas trees in spider webs! This dates back to an old fairy tale! Who knew?

P.S. In case you are wondering, the picture above is an upside down Christmas tree! Apparently, some people like to defy gravity on the holiday too! hehe

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