Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Jason Wu teams up with Target!

*Clears throat, grabs microphone*

ATTENTION all Target lovers, Jason Wu, reknowned fashion designer especially for his A-list clients like the First Lady of the United States, is bring a collection to store near you soon!!!!

*drops microphone*

I am so excited to get my hands on a couple (ok maybe a few pieces) of Jason Wu's collection. He is one of my favorite designer's of today and he is most certainly making a name for himself around the world (seriously, I'm typing this blog and I just saw his commerical on tv, yeah it's fate!). The collection will be hitting select Target stores on February 5th and don't worry, it will sold online too! It's the perfect timing too because if you are looking for something sweet and refined for a hot date on Valentine's Day, I'm sure he will have something for you. Well enough talking about it, see for yourself in this commercial...

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