Thursday, March 8, 2012


Private Road

One thing that annoys me to no end is when people broadcast their life issues in detail on a social networking site BUT THEN get mad when people comment on it! First and foremost, I understand everyone has the 1st amendment right to say whatever they what (well almost anything) but that DOES NOT mean you shouldn’t use a filter. There is nothing wrong with self-expression or your “opinion;” however, have more sense to decide what is appropriate. Second, you can’t expect people NOT to say something about what have you posted because you made your PERSONAL business PUBLIC. IF you don’t want to hear side comments from other people, THEN DON’T post it….duh! It’s a SOCIAL network site, so people are going to socialize about whatever they want! And furthermore, why are you mad anyway? You can’t be mad at someone’s comments about your post, when you are the main person that puts it up there for the world to see! What I really want to know is WHY? Why do people expose their business on a social network anyway? Is it for attention? If it is, go buy a pet or pick up a new hobby, hell, read a new book! You have got to find a better way to deal with your issues Facebook, Twitter, your blog is not the way! The last time I checked these were not virtual group therapy sessions so please, stop putting your business out there. It’s just not a good look for you!

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  1. Totally agree. Even though I'm a "lifestyle" blogger and I blog about events in my life.. I will never get on there and air dirty laundry. I may discuss some semi-private events but those are things I don't mind the world knowing. (vacations, date nights, weekends, funny arguments, family planning, etc) ... but so many people tell WAY TOO MUCH BUSINESS. geesh