Saturday, March 31, 2012

Living single is a gift!

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It seems that some people have a huge misconception that being a bachelor/bachelorette is equivalent to having “the plague” or living a cursed life. While some people mope around feeling unwanted, unloved or even asking themselves “what’s wrong with me?”, singleness is really a gift. If you really think about it singleness gives you a lot of freedom that some people tend to nag about missing once they become involved in a committed relationship. I recently went to an event that catered to singles and it provided some very enlightening words (and a good reminder) about why the single life is actually pretty sweet!
Think about it, when you are single you:
-aren’t accountable for anyone (unless you’re a single-parent) but yourself;
-you don’t have to check-in with anyone;
-you don’t have to be considerate of someone else’s feelings, thoughts or opinions on a romantic level;
-you can travel whenever you want;
-you can hang out with your friends whenever you want;
-you save a lot of money (no holiday gift shopping);
-you can even be selfish (yeah you can, I learned this is ok at the event).
And the list goes on but the most important thing to remember is that being single is not a bad thing. The single life gives you an opportunity to “get you” together so that when you are ready to take that serious step with someone, you’ll be ready.


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