Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Color Me: Pantone's Spring 2013 Color Report

I have to say that I always enjoy visiting website to find out next season's new color picks. Spring 2013 color choices are pretty gorgeous! I'm super excited because three shades of green made the list (my favorite color by the way). Check out this video above courtesy of that gives you the scoop on how they chose the colors for spring. Enjoy!

Pantone's Color Picks for Spring 2013 are:

1) Lemon Zest
2) Dusk Blue
3) African Violet
4) Poppy Red
5) Nectarine
6) Monaco Blue
7) Grayed Jade
8) Emerald (FAV pick!)
9) Linen
10) Tender Shoots

What's your favorite color pick?

Video courtesy of MyPantone

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