Monday, December 31, 2012

Dear 2012...


Dear 2012,
Where has the time gone! 2012 has been quite a year; in fact, I think the best word that describes this year for me is GROWTH. I can’t even begin to explain really how much I’ve grown as a woman—no experience was insignificant; every person I’ve encountered this year served a purpose (Good, bad or indifferent, shout out to you all…THANK YOU! Xo) and every place I visited this year has given me incredible life-long memories.
Of course, no journey would be full circle without “growing pains” and while those moments were not always easy (whew chile…Lawd knows!), it’s certainly made me realize I’m much stronger than I think! And through it all, I count everything in 2012 joy.
On that note, I would be remissed if I did not mention that this year's journey wouldn’t have been complete without my support system! I must say… I have some truly amazing people in my life and each and every day I thank God and His angels above for their existence. I LOVE YOU ALL!! Your constant love and support makes me a better ME and I want to thank each of you from the very bottom of my heart.
You all have prayed for me (AND with me), listened to me, encouraged me, pushed me, scolded me, loved me, cried with me, laughed with me, protected me and TONS more. THANKS A MILLI!! Xo All in all, I’m super thankful and blessed. I fell, I crawled, I walked, I ran and now I’m flying to get CLOSER TO MY DREAMS. I’ve come this far by faith, so NOTHING can turn me back now. “Don’t believe me? Just watch.” *Trinidad James voice* Soo my dear 2013, bring it on baby! I may be young but I’m R E A D Y…Xo

*throws 26 shades of green glitter*


Photo Courtesy of Andy Graulund

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