Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Out With the Old...


Nothing quite says it's officially spring until you perform a good ole "spring cleaning." While most people take this time of year to go through their closets tossing donating old things and making room for a new wardrobe, I thought I would share with you guys four ways you can expand your cleaning into your life.

  1. Try a physical cleanse. I'm no physician so before you start any type of cleanse you should consult your doctor but I've read about cleanses (3-day cleanses to more days) and how many people feel great after. So do your research, pick one that works for you! Even if cleansing isn't your thing, something as simple as eating better, drinking more water and adequate exercise could make a world of difference in how you feel.
  2. Try a financial cleanse. This is great for anyone who is trying to become more financially fit. Purge those credit cards or work toward paying them off!! More importantly, take this time to challenge yourself to save and cut out unnecessary spending (frequent dining out, shopping for clothes/shoes a lot etc.). Establish a savings goal and spend sometime with a financial advisor to work on getting your financial portfolio together.
  3. Try a negativity cleanse. Remove all negativity from your mind, your language, your heart and your environment. This can be people having a negative influence over your life, gossip/drama to distractions that have prevented you from achieving life goals. One good place to start is your cell phone! Many people consider their cell phone a life line but be real, everyone in your phone doesn't have your best interest in life nor is everyone the positive energy you need to be around.
  4. Try a love cleanse. There are a lot of love sick people out there with broken hearts and it's these symptoms that continue to prevent them from moving on.Often times people assume the easiest way of getting over someone is by dating someone else but it doesn't work. Learn to fly solo for awhile, learn to forgive, allow your wounds to heal and when the time is right; better yet when you least expect it, new love will float in.
What cleanses will you try? Do you have any other creative cleanses to add?

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