Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just Keep Swimming!

It's been awhile since I've posted anything on my blog! As usual 'life' happened and it's my life that has been a crazy roller coaster over the last couple of months. While the ride has been exciting, there has also been quite a few setbacks but I'm a firm believer that everything will work itself in the long run. I honestly have to  thank my faith and Dori from "Finding Nemo" ( and no, I'm not crazy!)!

[SIDEBAR] If you've NEVER seen "Finding Nemo" then you are missing out on a great movie with a great message for kids and adults! P.S. A sequel to the movie is coming soon whoo hoo!

[BACK TO ORIGINAL POST] Although this year is far from being over, I've learned about myself so far and that is I do not manage stress very well but then again, who really does? So one day when I facing a hardship, I just decided that I wasn't going to stress about it anymore and one way that has helped me deal with it is by repeating a profound line from the movie "Finding Nemo." Dori, who's voice is actually Ellen DeGeneres in the movie and she's Nemo Dad's sidekick in the movie, utters the words "just keep swimming" while they are on their journey to find Nemo. They faced many road blocks even felt like giving up at times but it's those three words that help them push forward.

What I'm trying to say is when things get a little tough or if it seems like things are getting worse before they are getting better, don't dwell on the situation just keep moving forward! That's what Dori meant in her message! Plus, every time I say these words to myself, I find that it's an instant boost of positivity!

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