Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One of the Best Things I Ever Ate: Baltimore Pretzel

Has anyone ever heard of a Baltimore Pretzel?  Better yet, have you ever tried one? Well, awhile back I got to sink my teeth into something so delicious, so amazing, so luxurious that it should be illegal BUT I’m so glad it’s not!  I’ve never heard of a Baltimore Pretzel before but if you know anything about Bmore cuisine, then you KNOW it has to involve crab meat.
And not just any crab meat either! We are talking about the finest blue crab meat you can only find in the Mid-Atlantic region.  

A Baltimore Pretzel consists of salty pretzel that is smothered in what is like a crap dip sauce (I’m getting hungry just thinking about it). It truly has changed my life as foodie and I highly encourage you all to try it if you are ever in the Bmore area.

I tried my first Baltimore Pretzel at Loafers. Besides making this crown jewel dish, they have all types of really great bar food (the lemon pepper wings were pretty good too!). I wish I took a picture of this most magnificent creation of a pretzel but I forgot L 

So here are links to the Yelp page so you all can see for yourself what everyone is talking about! Since this experience, I will never look at a regular pretzel quite the same. Smh...

What’s one of the best things you ever ate?

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