Friday, August 16, 2013

Is Too Much Education Hurting Your Career?

Night's like this where I should be roaming the streets as a 20-something, I'm in my bed and in my thoughts about education and careers. First, let me make it clear that I do believe in education affordable education for anyone who wishes to learn more about a subject for personal and/or professional reasons. Two, I believe that society has a screwed up outlook of the education system which directly impacts our economy and ultimately impacts jobs/careers.

As a kid, most of us were trained in the womb that getting an education was no doubt the way to go! Our main job in life was to go to school to better ourselves, right? So some of us did go (or tried it and left) and some of us are still continuing our education or thinking about going back for more but in this catastrophic economy the need for education has been coming up short. It's sad to see more and more educated professionals getting laid off or having a hard time in finding a solid job (because they are over qualified) and yet, we made the investment in money, time and work in what we believed would guarantee us a stable life....not so much! 

It's sad that I even know people with at least three degrees or at least one  and still can't find employment! What is happening to our world? I still believe in the need for education but gone are the days that it should be revered as the gate-keeper to a good-paying job, let alone a stable career. I certainly hope things change because we are living in a time of so much uncertainty...smh

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