Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rumor or Reality: Pole Dancing Could Become an Olympic Sport

This may sound bizarre to most but would you believe that pole dancing MIGHT become an official Olympic sport in the near future? Before your mind seeps to the gutter, here me out first. According to MSNBC News, it is still in the rumor phases but there is an actual organization called the International Pole Sports Federation that is trying to make this rumor a reality. Apparently a hearing is coming up in September to determine if pole dancing will get the "yay" or "nay."

Unfortunately, it sounds like wrestling and baseball are both on the chopping block of getting removed from the Olympics (yikes!).  And in case you are wondering men and women both compete in the World Pole Sports Championships (see clip above). It's more about acrobatic ability, strength, flexibility and artistry. There is nothing sexual about it (sorry twerkers!). 

Honestly, I do not have any negative feelings about pole dancing in general (let's get that straight). Whether you do it for pleasure, play, fitness, or income that's your business and I'm not one to judge. I actually think it would be pretty fascinating to watch people perform for a gold medal. What do you think?

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