Friday, September 6, 2013

Fall, Fashion Week & Football...

As the season begins to change, I’m getting so excited for these three things! Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! I enjoy watching the leaves change, the cool crisp evenings and of course rocking beautiful boots. Nothing says fall like hot spiced apple cider, crackling wood in the fireplace, apple picking, fairs/festivals, juicy apple pies oh and scrumptious candy apples (Yeah I have a HUGE obsession with apples!).  It’s also during this time of year where I reflect and make changes in my own life-reevaluate my personal goals and put together a plan to make them happen!

Fashion Week…O M G…I cannot wait to see what these designers have for their upcoming shows. From Alexander McQueen to Chanel to Versace to Rag & Bone and many others, it’s always a treat to take in new trends. It’s still my dream to attend a few shows in NY and it would be extra delicious to be a blogger correspondent!

Finally, FOOTBALL rounds out my list. The first game of the season was yesterday between the defending 2012 NFL Superbowl Champs, Baltimore Ravens v. Denver Broncos! Broncos pretty much slaughtered the Ravens...smh I’m a cowgirl at heart (whoo hoo go Cowboys!) but it’s still exciting to see the sport back on TV. Cowboys v. Giants on Sunday! 

Let the FUN begin!

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