Friday, September 6, 2013

"Twerking" is Getting Out of Hand....

Well guys and dolls, I said I wasn't going to speak about the latest dancing epidemic (it's actually nothing new, see point #2 below) "Twerk/Twerkin'/Twerking" but after watching this clip yesterday, I felt the need to address some things:

1) Watch this clip..."When Twerking Goes Terribly Wrong" -Viewer discretion is advised.

2) Society is LATE! As much as I love former Disney darling gone sultry singer Miley Cyrus, "twerking" actually did not originate from her! Even Miley had to learn about it from somewhere. Twerking has been around from years, in fact, I've known about twerking since I was in grade school! Yup... (don't judge me!). I would also like to add there were many songs from African-American artists back in the day that created songs to simply just "twerk" to (i.e. Uncle Luke/ Two Live Crew).

And if you really want to go back in twerk history (LOL), most folks in the urban community would say that the crown of twerking reigns with the infamous "Twerk Team" (BOW DOWN).  They are the pioneers of reviving twerking and so many Hip-Hop artists today continue to reference them as inspiration to their music. All of the heavy percussion instruments and bass in Hip-Hop music today have been inspired to get you shake your derrier!

3) Twerk Responsibly! Everyone has their own opinions about twerking...some like it, some don't but I your life! Dancing in general is fun and great for your health so whether you like twerking, salsa, waltzing, tap dancing etc... whatever, just do it responsibly! And can we all please take a lesson from this clip above! I truly hope this girl is ok but guys, seriously consider the environments you twerk in especially if you are going to record it. Remember what you record can always be published and if it's something you don't want the world to ever see THEN DON'T DO IT!

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