Friday, September 27, 2013

Will the Fingerprint Scanner Keep Down Phone Snooping?

Fingerprint Time Attendance System
There has been so much craze around the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c (9 million sold and counting) and by far, one feature on the new iPhone 5s has a lot of folks talking-the infamous fingerprint scanner. It's no secret that cell phones have either made or broke a lot of relationships--it either helps increase communication which has helped increase trust OR it has done the complete opposite. We all heard the saying that "communication is key" but sometimes it isn't as prevalent in some relationships which leaves some to become a snoop. That's right! 

We can point the finger of who is the biggest snoop in a relationship--men or women? But I say we are both equally guilty (admit it, we are territorial creatures). There is nothing worse when you start to feel like your partner is distant, losing interest or pulling away from you but is ALWAYS on their phone so sometimes people result to snooping to get answers. 

With the fingerprint scanner in place to unlock the new iPhone, it leaves some to wonder will this new feature cause problems or help some couples? It's hard to say and I believe it's too early to tell. On one side, the skill level to be a stealthy snoop on your significant other's phone has become a bit more challenging considering you need their finger to unlock their phone (then again, where there's a will, there's a way!); however, on the other side, if you are in a COMMITTED MONOGAMOUS relationship then you should trust your partner regardless of what is in their phone...right?

If you are snooping, I hope it's with good reason and it's worth it! Just know, nothing good can from opening Pandora's Box...

What are your thoughts? 

Photo Courtesy of, "Fingerprint Time Attendance System" by Michael Stein

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