Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hey Guys! What Does Your Shoes Say About You?

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Have you ever heard the statement that you can learn a lot about a guy from their shoes?What we wear allows us to express our individuality and perhaps, could help us learn someone's personality. So what's shoes got to do with it? Like clothes, shoes come in variety of styles, colors, textures, patterns and of course price points and there is something telling about what you choose to rock on your feet.

With that said, ladies this could be beneficial when you are first checking out a guy! His shoes might be able to tell you HIStory, so here is my personal observation:

Open-toed sandals/Flip Flops- This guy tends to be a free-spirit and probably doesn't care much for the finer things in life. He's simple and doesn't require much to live a happy, well-rounded life. His appearance tends to be lax so you'll definitely find a lot of jeans and tees in his closet. Grooming might be a challenge because he probably doesn't mind if his hair is a bit unruly or if he grows out a beard for "No Shave November" so consider this your warning. Oh and since he loves open-toe shoes, his toe nails might not be up to par but it doesn't bother him so again, watch it.  As a result, he could be difficult to take seriously when it comes to a relationship. He probably has a great sense of humor and a very calm spirit but don't take this as a sign of weakness. He isn't afraid to step on your toes if you try to push him to be something he doesn't want to be so be careful not to come off demeaning or condescending.  He is adventurous and probably enjoys the outdoors--a picnic in the park--so being contained in a house isn't his thing. It's because he is an outdoor guy, it can be kind of tiring to keep up if you are more of a homebody. He's sincere and might be a bit of a flirt but as a long as you all are clear and establish some boundaries, you'll have lots of fun with each other.

Closed-toe Dress Shoes- This guy is about his business and he takes pride in his appearance. He's about that "suit & tie life" and knows that the finer things in life aren't given, they are earned. While it can be misconstrued that he's a frivolous spender (obviously because he likes nice things), he could shock you if he's a bit tighter with the money bags. He's ambitious with a business plan in one hand and life plan in the other but he might struggle with balancing both. It's possible he's a workaholic so if spending time is important to you than this could be rough. You still should keep your eyes peeled in "how he spends his money"--he could have some insecurities or feel empty so he spends money to compensate for this emotional baggage.

Sneakers- There are two sub-categories within the sneaker group since most guys tend to wear them as their go-to shoe for everyday wear:

  • You have sneaker-heads: This type of guy is into style and trends! He cares about his appearance at all times from head to toe. He might have an extreme obsessive to collect every latest pair of sneakers that he might even spend his last dollar (or skip sleep) to just HAVE the newest pair, This guy might struggle with his finances time to time because he tends to be an impulsive spender but even if he can afford it, he could be a clutter-bug. Also, because he feels the NEED to have, it could mean his judgement is a bit cloudy about what's really important in life thus, he might struggle with making important decisions. He's fun though, probably a social butterfly and he knows how to have a good time but he may lack maturity. 
  • You have casual sneakers/tennis shoes: This type of guy is pretty chill maybe even a hipster type. He's pretty laid back and just enjoys being "comfortable." Since being comfortable is key, he probably lives a very routine life, almost robotic. He's predictable and you can pretty much map out his every move. He's not too open for change so this could be challenging if you are the spontaneous type. Since he's not use to a lot of change, what you will find is he's consistent and loyal just like he his to his shoes (probably been supporting the same brand for awhile).  He may not be a sneaker-head but he does believe in investing in being comfortable which means he would be willing to invest in you emotionally, that's if you make him feel comfortable and show that you are trustworthy. It may take some time to get him open up but when you do, he's a keeper! 

Boots- Again, there are two sub-categories within this group:

  • Construction/Work Boot/Biker boot-This type of guy is not afraid of hard work, in fact, if it's not challenging then it's not exciting. He's not afraid to live life on the edge and definitely isn't afraid to take risks. He likes to bend the rules and doesn't take well to authority--he likes being in control (this can be annoying and a problem). He enjoys making an honest living and will do whatever it takes to make sure he receives it. He's outspoken, very opinionated and isn't afraid to tell you about yourself--he's got a short fuse but what this really translates into is...he's in touch with his emotions. When he does fall for someone, he falls rather hard and quick but wouldn't tell you; however, he will make sure you feel it in other ways. He's also observant and the tiniest detail like how your nose crinkles up when you smile big, he'll notice. He might have some trust issues so he'll test you a couple times to make sure you are strong enough to handle him (he doesn't like push overs but he does love an independent woman who works hard for her own) and when you show yourself true, you are in for a wild ride!   
  • Dress boot- This type of guy is what some might call a metrosexual. He probably has great taste and  an eye for fashion. He is not afraid of spending money to maintain a tailor-made collection (his tailor is probably on speed dial). Being groomed is a priority so you will more than likely find his bathroom loaded with all types of man-friendly products and tons of expensive cologne. He isn't afraid to get MANicure nor a pedicure that's why he keeps standing weekly appointments to keep up his million dollar looks up. He also doesn't mind going shopping with you, in fact, he encourages it since it is one of his favorite things to do. The downside of this type of guy that he could come off as being narcissist or materialistic but in some cases this is totally not true. He also might have some insecurities about his appearance since he desires perfect looks and as as a result, he's not afraid to spend to get it. He's loves to work to feed his expensive shopping habit and enjoys being a people person. He might not always have money but his network usually makes up for his networth. He knows people in high places and he isn't afraid to tap his connections for their benefits. 

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