Friday, December 6, 2013

Feeling Drained

Some may call this a rant, others, may find this curt but the reality is there is a big difference between being a needy person vs. a person in need. I’d like to think of myself has dependable, nurturing, giving and sincere individual; however, lately, I’ve just been feeling drained. At first, I thought it was the day-to-day hustle and bustle in life that was causing this but after a self-inventory; I realized that this was just a fraction of the cause.

Majority of my drainage stems from me feeling like I’m overextending myself emotionally and mentally to needy people friends. The sad part is that people, who are needy, don’t see the symptoms of their actions nor the impact it has on someone who is TRYING to help them in every way they can. I even think that some needy people forget that the person or friend that is trying to help them has a life beyond YOUR needs alone-they have NEEDS too!

Here is what I learned from Wiki How about the profile of a needy person:
·         During social situations, he/she likes to be absolutely stuck to your side. Or does he/she always assume that when you're going out, he/she is always part of the group (even if you only want to go out with people from work, for example)?
·         Your friend's decision making always has to involve your input.
·         Your friend opts to spend time with you versus pursuing a romantic relationship. Has your friend turned down dates or other events to hang out with you? Or does your friend constantly need your approval and/or advice about romantic connections?
·         It seems that your friend requires a tremendous amount of your time on a daily basis. From lengthy phone calls to daily visits after work, you feel as if your friend is always “there” and you hardly have time to socialize with other friends and perhaps even with family members OR YOURSELF! (ßI ADDED THAT)
Psychology Today also provided tips on how to deal with a needy person.

For the record, my definition of a person who is in need is someone who is temporarily unable to provide or care for themselves due to economic situation or lack of support from family and/or friends. In most cases, these people do not have the financial means to pay for food, clothes, medicine/health care or shelter etc. As a result, some may also suffer from debilitating health issues (i.e. mental health or other diseases) that prevents them from caring for their self in a safe and healthy environment.
And do LOVE helping others in need!

Has anyone else struggled with this? How did you handle the situation? 

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