Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Scary Selfies

I touched on this topic the other day via Twitter; however, I felt the need to expand what exactly bothers me about the selfie movement. I do NOT think there is anything wrong with selfies what so ever; however, it bothers me when the selfies are creepy! For those of you who are not hip with the term “selfie,” it simply means that it is a photo that you take of yourself with your smart phone and it’s uploaded on a social network site for all to see.  

In order to have a strong selfie, I believe it’s all in the eyes but when your eyes look creepy the selfie is some scary s---t! If you choose not to smile or even show an inclination of happiness (or whatever emotion your trying to radiate) without smiling but only give a blank stare into the camera or look off then it frightens me. Yup! They say the “eyes are the windows into a person’s soul” so if your eyes look lifeless, angry, or empty it makes me afraid to look at your selfie. I’m just being honest and I realize all I can do about it is unfriend, block or turn a blind eye myself to the situation. Oh dear!

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